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Mens Adidas Adicolor Shoes Skate Shell Toe Blue White

Mens Adidas Adicolor Shoes Skate Shell Toe Blue White
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by DorotheaAngelo Date Added: 05/19/2018
Overall, M. R. Forbes puts up a really interesting concept. I wont go into the details here, but he puts out a story of "urban fantasy" with an different spin... not all that easy in the market right now. My issues are more with the professionalism of the work. I applaud Forbes for being a self-published author, but a little more polish would have made the read go a little more smoothly. The other thing Id like to see worked on if Im going to stick with the series (after that ending, I might have to just for a sense of closure) is the dialogue between characters. There are some great opportunities for some really good moments, but the characters turned out a little flat. Finally, some work on flowing from one part of Landons development into the next would go great. As it is, he jumps into a fight and beats a bunch of supernaturals up (all the while complaining that he has no combat skill whatsoever), then he runs into a bigger bad guy and gets trounced. Then an ally shows up and gives

by Tamara Fede Date Added: 05/12/2018
Overall, The Divine is a decent (stress on decent) series. The writing flows well, the story develops well, and the author can keep your interest.However, the protagonist - Landon - is truly a stupid, stupid individual. I mean he lacks even the intelligence of a normal human being. I understand authors must have their characters do things that are dumb, wrong, misinformed, etc, in order for the story to develop; but, Forbes has Landon doing dumb, stupid, things left and right. The character never uses logic worth a damn, cant reason his way into a course of action, and prefers to stumble along just re-acting rather than acting.I finished the three books so far published. The manner in which the characters continually stumble from one scene to the next is very off-putting though. These three books dont really make me want to continue this series, or get his other books. Overall, I was able to burn time enough to justify the costs of the books, but I wish Id just read these as a loaner f

by AnneMarjorie Date Added: 05/04/2018
i thought this was a great book. five star good, but as someone else has said. the ending while not bad did leave a bitter taste in my mouth. other than not liking the ending it was a great read. i will definitely be looking for the sequel. just so i can hopefully get over the ending to this one.

by GibsonTab Date Added: 05/10/2018
Overall, I liked it. Unlike most of those self-published books, its not riddled with spelling errors and punctuation mistakes, though there were 2 or 3. that isnt really that bad. I really enjoyed the book. The story was well told. The world was described well and flowed logically. Honestly, I think a professional editor would have shaved about 50 pages out of it but I didnt mind the extra words. My only complaint is that the ending seemed a bit rushed and I wish the author had went with something else than what he chose to finish with.It felt as if he hurried and finished with an abrupt cliff-hanger so that his next book would have more appeal, but in so doing he broke the flow of the book rather sharply. It was one of those "I can see what he was striving for but he fell a little short."I liked the book a lot but with that ending, Im going to choose to look at this book as a standalone story and Im probably not going to give the sequel a chance because it simply doesnt need a sequel.

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)  

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